Critical Care Doctor – Heritage Valley, Kindred and Jameson Hospitals

Dr. Benjamin Laracuente is a Monaca, PA pulmonary and critical care doctor affiliated with both Heritage Valley Beaver, Kindred Hospital and Jameson Hospital in New Castle. Dr. Laracuente earned his fellowship in Critical Care Medicine through the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York and is certified and licensed through the American Board of Internal Medicine for Internal Medicine and Pulmonary Disease.

Through the years, Dr. Laracuente has been steadfast in his commitment to providing compassionate and quality patient care to acute and critically ill patients in intensive care – serving as an “intensivist” or critical care physician, in addition to his duties as a pulmonologist.

Dr. Laracuente provides critical care in Beaver and New Castle for mechanically ventilated patients requiring support for:

  • Trauma Intensive Care
  • General Surgical Intensive Care
  • Cardiothoracic Surgical Intensive Care
  • Medical Intensive Care
  • Neurosurgery Intensive Care
  • Acute Coronary Care

Critical care saves lives. As one of the most highly regarded critical care physicians in Beaver and New Castle, Dr. Laracuente provides the highest-level care to ensure the best recovery possible. If the patient’s unassisted breathing can’t sufficiently oxygenate the blood, and mechanical ventilation is needed, Dr. Laracuente is there to effectively manage and monitor the situation.

When you have a loved one in intensive care, they’ll require constant monitoring and support for hypertension/hypotension, compromised airways and respiratory systems, cardiac arrhythmias, and potential organ failure or dysfunction.

Dr. Laracuente’s attention to detail, empathy and concern, coupled with the state-of-art technology and medical staff at Heritage Valley, Kindred and Jameson Hospitals, reassures families that their loved one is comfortable and well taken care of when it matters most. It’s important to always remember that intensive care can potentially reverse a patient’s condition – greatly improving their chances of surviving and fully recovering. A quality critical care specialist like Dr. Laracuente plays a vital role in making the seemingly improbable possible.